We are the team that loves everything related to games.
We enjoy working on developing, optimizing, porting and publishing games on modern consoles and PC. 

The most important thing in Soroka Games is quality: we are doing everything to provide it.
Also, we always work on getting better and growing, because we think there are no impossible things for us.
Everything can be real, only hard work is the key to success!

Some Facts



Years of Experience


Completed Projects


We want to create  games with a pleasant atmosphere and a unique world that will bring positive emotions to everyone.  We try to develop the best quality games optimized for modern consoles and PC. Our team has qualified programmers and graphics to provide amazing games. The games are very significant in our lives, and we want to do our best.


Sometimes players don’t have a powerful PC or just want to see their favorite titles on their consoles to play with friends. Unfortunately, there are so many indie games not ported yet on consoles. We want to give players the ability to play their favorite games on their favorite consoles, and help developers that don’t have the experience or time to port a project to different consoles.


There are lots of developers that want to produce their masterpieces, but don’t know what to do with the game after the development stage is finished (or almost finished): how to properly test the game, or how to publish it on different platforms. We will do everything to help you with it.